An experienced web marketing, e-commerce and social media specialist 


Providing engaging online experiences. 


I can help with:


  • developing a website strategy - understanding what people want to do at your website 

  • designing and building an affordable website that gets remembered and is engaged with

  • writing web content that is easy to read but also helps your SEO and Google organic listing

  • a social media strategy that is targeted to your key audiences

  • social media tactics and approach 

  • Facebook, Twitter & Instagram know-how 

  • Google Adwords campaign

  • Facebook and LinkedIn online advertising


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Do you need a professionally designed website that always makes the right impression that won't cost a lot?  I can deliver.


As experienced web marketer who has contributed to many successful websites I can assist you:

  • clearly define the purpose of your site

  • find out what your target audience really wants and needs through focus group research

  • pinpoint what are your web site's mandatories

  • develop and write web friendly content that engage your key audiences

  • create a web site that says wow.


I also mentor teams and deliver workshops on:

  • the steps to get online at a cost that you can afford

  • good website design

  • writing effective web content

  • how to be found on Google

  • business uses of social media that work

  • digital marketing tools and tips

  • online communications tools.


Sites I have contributed to include:



Clients assisted:

Dr Mark Wislon.jpg

Dr Mark Wilson

Dr Wilson wanted to develop a modern brand and website that stood out from more traditional doctor websites.  I came up with a new look and feel, brand identity plus a low-cost web site.  

Smitten Online Shop.jpg

Smitten Merino 
Smitten Merino has an online store that sells their Tasmania's designed and manufactured clothing line of premium superfine merino wool clothing.  I have been advising them since their early days. I love their brand and what they stand for.  

Womans Health.jpg

Woman's Health Tasmania 
I helped Woman's Health Tasmania review and update their ICT capability, develop an ICT strategy and create a new web site that was user friendly.


Papillon Health & Beauty
A site was created to promote the beauty school, courses available and the extensive variety of beauty services offered to their clientele.