K2B - Knowledge to Business Program


 A marketing graduate industry placement program that mentored both the graduate and each business' Managing Director


We developed, managed & provided marketing mentoring services for the k2b (Knowledge to Business) program for eight years. 

k2b's focus was to address the lack of marketing knowledge and know-how within the Tasmanian ICT and Science and Technology industry.  It was about delivering soft skills.

The program also provided employment opportunities for Tasmanian University marketing graduates. 

The program placed eight graduates each year into eight local businesses and delivered workshops,
hands-on mentoring and high-level marketing knowledge to both the graduate and the Managing Director of each business. 

This program was one of Tasmania's most successful job creation and knowledge sharing programs with 64 direct jobs created.  

It also showed smart Tasmanian businesses that marketing is a strategic tool that can assist in the identification and building of new markets.  The program also addressed the marketing skills shortage within Tasmania by providing commercial experience in the local ICT industry to Tasmanian University marketing graduates.  

Funded by the Australian Government, this highly successful program has now ended.