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Suzi Watral (Mearns) Her/She

Suzi offers in-depth strategic marketing and communications knowledge and experience, gained from senior positions held in international and Australian companies.


An experienced consultant with a passion for strategy and tactical marketing, Suzi has worked with many different companies and Tasmanian Government Departments including the Department of Education, Smitten Merino, Department of Treasury and Finance, J Boag and Sons and the Department of Premier and Cabinet. The fact that Suzi has ongoing and repeated contracts with her clients testifies to the insightful, successful and timely basis all her projects deliver.


Suzi is a sought-after speaker on strategy, business development, branding, marketing, website design, web content and social media tactics.


For the last nine years, Suzi has been appointed as the Marketing Expert for the Tasmanian Road Safety Advisory Council. ​