Experienced marketers who will undertake small research campaigns that get personalised results


Do you need to know what your staff or clients are thinking about your products, services or market positioning? Maybe you have a new product or business idea?  We will find out what your market really wants.


We love small research projects that no one else wants to do.  We can:


  • Develop research questionnaires

  • Run focus groups

  • Undertake phone research questionnaires to clients or staff - less than 200

  • Interview face to face target audiences

  • Undertake desktop research

  • Develop email surveys

  • Organise omnibus surveys

  • Develop competitions to gain true market insights

  • Compile and analyse research results.

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Clients who have used our research services include:


  • Tasmanian Department of Economic Development

  • Possability Support Services

  • Doone Kennedy Hobart Aquatic Centre

  • J Boag and Sons

  • Tasmanian Inland Fisheries Service

  • Tasmanian Department of Treasury and Finance - Liquor & Gaming Branch

  • Crank Media

  • Drysdale

  • Tasmanian Department of Education – staff survey

  • Tasmanian Department of Education – parent feedback survey

  • Acer Computers


Clients assisted:

Taste Tasmania Focus group research.jpg

Taste Tasmania Campaign

For The Tasmanian Department of Economic Development Tourism and the Arts we ran qualitative focus groups in Hobart, Launceston and Devonport to test potential advertising campaign ideas & to determine which campaign resonated best with Tasmanian grocery shoppers.

Acer Computers.jpg

Acer Computers

Acer Computers in Tasmania requested that we help them recruit schools to sign up for their Education Privilege Program. This involved calls to over 300 public, private and Catholic schools.

J Boag and Sons.jpg

J Boag and Son

Before work began on a new Boag's web site, extensive market research was undertaken to identify what competitors websites were offering, their look and feel and appeal. This was then followed up with focus groups to investigate the likes and dislikes of the primary target audience - beer drinkers.