We love to share what I know both through workshops and mentoring


Suzi Watral is a sought-after speaker to deliver both keynote addresses on marketing, branding and getting online. Her workshops are action-focused with practical "how-to" knowledge and skills training.


The workshops we deliver utilise adult-learning techniques and are delivered in a format to encourage group dynamics and informative discussion using specific industry examples and case studies.


Workshops are not just about content and information sharing but also about doing. The focus is on providing the skills and processes so participants can take the next steps and easily, effectively and inexpensively introduce initiatives into their daily work. Participants are given tangible outcomes including an action plan that is developed specifically for their business or role.


Workshop topics include:


  • Throwing a Spanner into the Works – how you need to be disruptive

  • Making Sure you Stand out from the Crowd

  • Writing for the web and Online Audiences

  • Getting online – everything you need to know

  • Digital marketing and what your audience wants

  • Taking your product to market – successfully

  • Marketing Tactics to Maximise the Success of your business

  • Creating a destination strategy to build foot traffic

  • Creating Greater Uptake & Engagement of your Programs

  • Understanding your ICT Business, Products, and Customers

  • First Impressions – how to really get noticed online

  • Branding – dispelling the myths - what’s it all about

  • Giving Your Business a Competitive Edge - Branding - Why It is Critical to your Future

  • Grabbing the digital marketing toolkit and making it work

  • Tactical and strategic marketing know-how

  • Social media and other online communications strategies

  • Improving your online branding and website presence.

  • Good old fashion Marketing know-how


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