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Changing the way individuals and corporates purchase their electricity and gas to not only save money but to do good


We created Compare for Good and Power for Good to be the change we wanted to see in the world. What COVID-19 has taught us is that connection and community are SO important and by coming together we can do great things.   

Suzi and her business partner Vanessa Cox take their business know-how to make a real difference to not for profits.  Vanessa and Suzi's calling has always been to do things differently - never to accept the old ways of doing things and they are driven by purpose.

Having worked at global brands including Nike, E*TRADE, Sony and Macquarie Bank, they built a deep understanding on big money, big business and profits at all costs.

As mothers, Suzi and Vanessa saw first-hand that fantastic charities in their community were struggling to survive on small donations and fickle government grant cycles.  They joined forces to trailblaze a new way for charities to raise much-needed funds and create ongoing longevity for the great things they do.

Energy is the third-largest expense in most homes and for many businesses, energy is one of their top 3 fixed costs, When individuals and corporations join forces in their buying power, it creates a world-first opportunity to raise money.  It costs nothing to participate and every time your flick a light switch or charge your phone a charity is receiving a donation - at no cost to you

Currently working with Red Frogs we are also seeking other not for profits with large member bases to assist.

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